The Ten Com­mand­ments of ... the W in­ter Dawn Pa­trol.

Thou shalt …

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01. Never hit the snooze but­ton more than once.

02. Lose feel­ing in fin­gers and hands from the block of ice that is your steer­ing wheel. Lose feel­ing in en­tire body if you’re a grom rid­ing to the surf on a pushy.

03. Thank the lord for the com­bus­tion en­gine when the heater fi­nally kicks in.

04. Not look at the surf too long, just com­mit!

05. Aban­don any­one you were sup­posed to pick up that is still asleep. Wake up calls are for ho­tels.

06. Be thank­ful for the groomed off­shore wind.

07. It may bite but it’s in­fin­itely bet­ter than warm blue­bot­tle-rid­dled crap.

08. Add a lit­tle more vol­ume to your win­ter boards to com­pen­sate

for the rub­ber. Thank us later.

09. Take an in­or­di­nately long time to put on shoes/clothes/op­er­ate car key due to post ses­sion frost­bite.

10. Take a mo­ment to bask in the win­ter sun once clothed, it’s one of life’s great plea­sures.

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