1. Never Pay Good Money for a Bad Hair Cut

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Surfers rarely look com­fort­able in a hair-sa­lon and re­sent pay­ing for the rit­ual hu­mil­i­a­tion. Harry has a dif­fer­ent ap­proach. He lets his friends at­tack his head with scissors and kitchen im­ple­ments. The re­sults are var­ied and com­i­cal but al­ways free. “I’ve had a bowl for years. I lit­er­ally had it trimmed one day to keep the hair out of my eyes. That’s how it started – my Mum would do it. Be­cause I’ve got such straight hair and such a moon-face it evolved into a bowl. Later my mates had a bar­ber shop in Noosa and I’d let them mess around how­ever they liked – I was ba­si­cally a hair manikin. I’ve had a few mul­lets where I’ve grown the back out so it’s like a bowl mul­let. I haven’t done a perm yet but I’m not rul­ing it out. That could be my next one. I don’t re­ally try to run the whole bowl cut thing - it’s just so prac­ti­cal.”

Left: Harry’s trim­ming skills come in handy when en­deav­our­ing to keep his hair dry in hol­low sec­tions.

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