2. Buy a Land Cruiser

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Doesn’t have to be a Landy. Any solid 4WD will do. Just not a city SUV or some kind of lame-ass soc­cer mum all-wheel drive. You want a me­chan­i­cal beast that roars down dirt roads, carves fresh tracks through soft sand and wears rust like body ar­mour. Be­cause Aus­tralia is big, empty and packed with surf. Harry loves noth­ing bet­ter than ex­plor­ing the Lucky Coun­try in his Cruiser. “I love it all. WA is amaz­ing – it’s such a raw stretch of coast and there are so many great waves al­though the shark scene is a bit hec­tic. The NSW south coast has sim­i­lar waves. It’s cold so you’ve got to be hun­gry to surf daily. Where I grew up on the Sun­shine Coast you’ve got beau­ti­ful, blue, warm wa­ter and great points. There’s so much va­ri­ety in Aus­tralia. I try to keep mo­bile so I’m not in the one spot for long. I’ve got a good spread of mates around the coun­try now that I can go and visit. I love Aus­tralia so much for that – ev­ery state is com­pletely dif­fer­ent.”

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