6. Try Not to be a Dick

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Harry wasn’t al­ways so to­gether and con­sid­er­ate. “I was the big­gest smart-arse in Noosa when I was a grom, telling peo­ple to fuck off be­cause they didn’t live here. Once I got home and my dad told me I just told a guy who’s lived here for 40 years to fuck off. He marched me around to his house and made me apol­o­gise. I learnt the hard way I sup­pose. If you learn that re­spect and etiquette at a young age you’ll have a much bet­ter time when you’re trav­el­ling and surf­ing new spots. Even when you go to Indo or Fiji or places like that – none of us are from there but you see peo­ple pad­dling around like they own the place just be­cause they’ve been there a few times. We’re all the same. We’re all trav­ellers. It doesn’t mat­ter how good you are if you’ve got re­spect karma will be good to you and you’ll have a good surf.”

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