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1. Which wave were Steve Cooney and Rusty Miller walk­ing out to surf in the iconic Bali scene from Morn­ing of the Earth ? 2. Which In­done­sian surf­ing play­ground lies roughly 120 nau­ti­cal miles off the coast of Padang in Su­ma­tra? 3. What is the name of the black sand wave on Bali’s east coast cur­rently un­der threat from de­vel­op­ers? much... 4. What is the name of the iconic Ba­li­nese penin­sula that plays host to Uluwatu, Padang Padang and more. 5. Name the iconic north­ern In­done­sian right fa­mous for star­ring in an 80s Coca Cola ad­ver­tise­ment. 6. At which wave would you find the sec­tions known as Kong’s, Money Trees and Speed­ies? 7. What is the name of the most iconic left on Lom­bok? 8. Name the in­fa­mous Bali dis­trict where you’re more likely to score a hang­over rather than the tube of your life? (See be­low for an­swers. Up­side-down)

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The penin­sula of a mil­lion surf­ing dreams.

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