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Sky Surf­boards – Tracks, Jan­uary 1983 Ini­tially owned by Ge­off Hears, Sky surf­boards be­came one of the most iconic surf­board la­bels in Aus­tralia through­out the 70s and 80s. Fea­tur­ing the pinched, psy­che­delic font and an ar­ray of colour­ful sprays, Sky boards were peren­nial at­ten­tion grab­bers out in the lineup or when tucked un­der the arm of a bronzed wave zealot. Aes­thetic al­lure was al­ways backed up by cut­ting edge de­sign, par­tic­u­larly when you con­sider the range of shap­ing lu­mi­nar­ies who spent time at Sky. This photo alone fea­tures Michael Cun­dith, Rod Dahlberg, Chris Brock, Gary Tim­per­ley and the un­mis­take­able mul­let of Ge­orge Gree­nough amongst other skilled crafts­men. Although not pic­tured, Bob Mc­Tavish was also sculpt­ing foam for Sky at the time. Not sur­pris­ingly there is a hot mar­ket for sec­ond hand Sky boards amongst col­lec­tors. Mean­while, Sky is en­joy­ing some­thing of a re­nais­sance with Neil Cor­mack still mak­ing boards un­der the Sky la­bel.

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