ONE - 5’11 X 19 7/16 X 2 7/16 – 29.4 LITRES

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Shaper’s Com­ments

Over­all a high per­for­mance surf­board. De­rived from my orig­i­nal high per­for­mance CB1 model and tuned to Leo Fio­ra­vanti’s surf­ing style. Suits pow­er­ful rail surf­ing and tricks in most types of waves, but ex­cels in good surf. Am­ple drive and hold. For good surfers with av­er­age to very high abil­ity.

First Im­pres­sions

The name of this board says ev­ery­thing; “The One”. I im­me­di­ately loved this board, and could have adopted it as a sin­gle board quiver. When you put it un­der your arm, you get the sense that it’s the only board you’d ever need: would be the ul­ti­mate small wave board, mid-size board, and some­thing you’d be happy to ride in bar­relling 4-6 foot Hossegor, where Chris­ti­aan Bradley shapes. It’s a bread-and-but­ter all rounder shorty, as good as they come: semi flat curve with a touch of tail lift, nice mid-rolled rails, and a light and ex­cit­ing feel­ing un­der the arm.

Tester’s Com­ments

Hav­ing re­tired from com­pet­ing in WQS events about four years ago, this board made me feel like I could re­turn to the con­test rashie: it did ev­ery­thing I wanted it to. The mod­est curve meant it main­tained plenty of speed: you could zip through dead sec­tions with all of the speed in the world, yet the touch of tail lift meant you could stomp the tail and go ver­ti­cal in the steep­est parts of the wave without hes­i­ta­tion. The rounded square tail felt phe­nom­e­nal un­der the back foot: it was drivey, but also had heaps of re­lease. I could add a touch of pres­sure on the back foot through the lip or foam, and the board would pro­vide a great sense of re­lease for added speed and flair. The rails and out­line en­cour­aged a range of turns, and it felt amaz­ing both ver­ti­cally and through drawn out carves. It was com­fort­able in the bar­rel and if it hadn’t fallen vic­tim to a heav­ing lip, I’d have def­i­nitely added it to my quiver.

Ideal weight 80–90 kg Wave Range 3-6 ft Fin Setup Thruster Rail Type Medium, Per­for­mance Rocker Mod­er­ate

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