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PRELOVED | 2013 MARLOW 78E EXPLORER : 130 : 130


26/17-21 Bowden Street Alexandria NSW 2015 02 9199 7747 Phone: Fax: 02 9319 5561 2018 ARVOR 555 SPORTSFISH ARVOR 755 SPORTSFISH The Arvor 555 Sportsfish has a well-proportion­ed cockpit, so there’s plenty of space for fishing, whilst a compact offset cabin offers protection from the elements all year round. Enjoyment of your space is key to your boating experience. All your onboard needs are anticipate­d dbryionugl lbfieshtih­nr illaefdicw­iointhadto­h abreuan dtaonuce of tohr apgreafcet­iactau retosutchh­reo ugt heout 2018, WHERE FISHING BEGINS A fishing trip is never going to be a rough and ready affair in this addition to the SPORTSFISH range. Combining the best fishing equipment package with a full interior double berth, the Arvor 755 Sphoerrtes,fiasn h s g se l h y th ls l e l s stehaescoo­ncek d r d t. e Hi P , h e e p o . 755msinpdo­r.ttsafi8s1h.3534 filsuhxiun­rg anlodngewn­ie raal psitaialon dwcoaubli n.elxopcekca bbleoassto­tirna gethi nlcaorgcek­sptit saralsnoge­p rowviitd esdinfgolr eexntrgain­s euc urti ty2a5n0dh p.e aacrevoorf g TA490578. $1$1632,,9590 ARVOR 755 SPORTSFISH 2018 WHERE FISHING BEGINS A fishingatr­rivpois nenvee r go8in1g todbieesae­rlough and dfyoa ffiasihr tehnisthau­dsdiaitsio n SFPOO Rrtasdifti­isonhal e.wcio mpbeinrfio­nrgmtahnec­b easnt fisuhpi-ntog-ethq uimpminuen­tet ethw itahrvaof u8ll1i ntdeir iotrhd opuebrlfe earnths,wthere. Arvor 755 Sportsfish brings fishing aficionado­s a real touch of luxury along with all the practical touches the seasoned sailor would expect. Boasting the largest HP range, with single engine up to 250hp.. Arvor 755 Sportsfish. R W 0 20r1e8a , r iinn g ts ltoookthin­e g rt mrainxeg d th e d e cpoamcfkoa­rg t, e r 0 s e cb t Robust and practical, this heavy-duty yet compact fishing craft offers all the performanc­e and safety you need for both inshore and offshore fishing and cruising. Arvor 810 D. TA656186. TA490578. $16193,,990500 ARVOR 905 SPORTSFISH 2018 675 SPORTSFISH 2018, The days you had to choose between comfort and performanc­e, betwteh en ng nd g, go2n0 e. e 05 h u have both. Designed without compromise for fishing, adventure & fun, and all in perfect safety and comfort. The 905 Sportsfish is suited for offshore ng ry )a d es up to 0 STFARNIEDA­NRD D ,B w al s, m , Thruster, Hydraulic steering, Swim, Platform & ladder, Shore Power, 12v electrical socket, Dual Battery System, Stbd Pilothouse Door, Roof Hatch, Opeannind gs e , gh ll , ld ipbeo rs & Wwaislhl, in , 6B s s, w ,T Configurat­ion, Galley with sink & tab, Enclosed Sea Toilet, Head Basin & Pull Out, Shower, Self Draining Cockpit, Cockpit Flood light, Cockpit Sthhoweeo r, it , rw , l, , Station, Fish lockers, Refridgera­tor, Rodholders, Interior Rod Racks, Smartcraft Speedomete­r/, Tachometer, PACKS & OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT, Second Helm Station, Hull Colour, Sun Awning, Complete Enclosed Canvas, Exterior Helm Cover and many other extras and feautures. 905 Sportsfish. eficshria ftas mcrauixsii­nm uarme 0Whithotrh­s e9p oswpoertrs­feisn gyoi ncean will allow you to easily reach a cruising speed of 25 kcnruoisti­s . (Acantedgow hbe tnh ecraryrio u w a1n tpteoprlee. lax with SEQOURIPGE­MEETNYTO uor leinleectr­icn twhiendlwa­sa teeler,ctoricutrr­is ttaanbsd aborwd edition combines the right mix of Cockpit, Cabin Fidis hwiindgowo poptieonni­ns fuo rpyorotliu­ghrtsn eweindshyi­eo uwr a t becapbe rlfieghcts­t ly seurtiht ewdithtocu­ysohiuonr libfoe sctyuslhei.onb eabsleu/dreinetote get what you need: the Standard Edition is based on pcoticokpn statbhlea trawrewamt­eo stasfhrdeo­qwnu elinvetwly­elr esqysuteem­s tfeisdhinb­gy our customers.ta491628 $88,490 TA813586. $213,900 130 | TRADEABOAT.COM.AU

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