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LET’S face it; in­ter­views have be­come bor­ing both for the in­ter­viewer and for the in­ter­vie­wee. Time and time again we hear the same ques­tions be­ing asked and all too of­ten the an­swers are well re­hearsed which never re­ally gets to the crux of as­sess­ing job suit­abil­ity and fit. Is it any won­der that some in­ter­view­ers are now turn­ing to more cre­ative, less tra­di­tional ques­tions and sce­nar­ios in or­der to sep­a­rate the wheat from the chaff? If you’re an in­ter­viewer look­ing to break the mould or if you’re an in­ter­vie­wee and find your­self served a curve ball of a ques­tion, take note of the fol­low­ing as we dis­cover some of the more unique sce­nar­ios pre­sented from in­ter­view rooms across the globe.

USE OF IMAG­I­NA­TION –How would you sur­vive the zombie apocalypse? What su­per­power would you choose and why? All non-stan­dard ques­tions de­signed to test imag­i­na­tion, re­ac­tion and cre­ative think­ing.

THAT’S AWK­WARD? What’s your favourite song and can you per­form it for me now? No, not an au­di­tion for X-fac­tor, but one that pushes the bound­aries of com­fort. Have you got nerves of steel to ask this of a can­di­date? Let alone, as an in­ter­vie­wee, belt out a ren­di­tion of Sweet Child O’ Mine?

BRAIN TEASERS – How many cows in Canada? If you could be re­mem­bered for one sen­tence, what would it be? There’s no right an­swer here, but it’s the ap­proach you take to an­swer­ing that de­ter­mines whether you pass or fail.

Un­doubt­edly there will al­ways re­main a place for stock stan­dard ques­tions, but to get a real spark from a can­di­date, why not de­vi­ate from the norm and see where the in­ter­view takes you? Who knows, the best can­di­date might just be the one that can tell you how they’d get an ele­phant into a re­frig­er­a­tor? And for the in­ter­vie­wee, when faced with an un­usual ques­tion, demon­strate lat­eral think­ing and em­brace the un­ex­pected.

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