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Businesses operating within the travel industry that are looking to expand are set to have access to investment from Australia’s superannua­tion sector over the coming years. However, Christian Super CEO Ross

Piper warned that those with poor corporate cultures will find cash hard to come by. “Engagement in sustainabi­lity for any business is not only a moral and ethical question, but it’s now closely linked with core long-term business values, social licence to operate and profitabil­ity,” Piper said.

“The investment market cares deeply about organisati­onal culture.

“Any company that is attracting press around culture – for better or for worse – will be on the radar in some way, shape or form. “Our ethics committees had a robust discussion about one of the listed travel companies and again we have a very broad portfolio as any pension fund would have, so it’s on the radar,” he said. he said.

“There are approximat­ely 560,000 animals in wildlife tourist attraction­s around the world, with animal abuse occurring in approximat­ely three-quarters of attraction­s studied, with abuse including animals being taken from their mothers, forced to perform tricks, animal rides, and animals forced to remain passive for selfies.”

Hutchinson said travellers need to research wildlife tourism before going to attraction­s and their use social media effectivel­y when instances of animal cruelty are spotted to help “spread the word”.

 ??  ?? See many more pictures from the Sustainabi­lity Summit on p32-33
See many more pictures from the Sustainabi­lity Summit on p32-33

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