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Thailand’s rich culinary history is one of the key attraction­s for visitors, and gastronomi­c tourism is growing rapidly in the country. Stemming from the ancient traditions of Siam, Thai cuisine has evolved into one of the world’s most popular, evolving along with the country.

With a growing gastronomi­c tourism industry, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a new Hello Taste Thailand guidebook to whet the appetite of visitors planning their next trip.

The guide, which has been developed with seasoned gastronomi­c tour companies provides 10 new epicurean adventures for tourists to enjoy while immersing themselves in Thai culture.

The tours take guests to meet food producers, eating festivals, restaurant­s and special places that have strong links to special foods combined with tastings and opportunit­ies to watch chefs prepare Thailand’s signature dishes.

The guide outlines a series of programs that will leave guests hungry for more, including the one-day ‘Taste the More Natural

Side of Chiang Mai’ tasting tour that lets visitors experience a more authentic side of the ancient capital’s rich culinary history, or the two-day ‘Phuket’s Perfect Combinatio­n’, which gives tourists a chance to prepare, cook and learn about new Thai dishes and drinks, and eat plenty.

The Hello Taste of Thailand guidebook can be downloaded at amazingtha­

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