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APT Tours is offering travellers a 22-day Magical Christmas Markets journey with highlights including Germany’s oldest Christmas market Striezelma­rkt, Christmas markets in Berlin, and a stop in Vienna to enjoy a private cocktail reception, performanc­e at Vienna’s City Palace and learn about local festive traditions such as the making of Krampus masks in Austria.

Travellers will also learn about festive cuisine in the Black Forest region, along with a chance to explore the Christmas markets. Guests will get to experience­s 24 destinatio­ns, be treated to luxury dining, accompanie­d with expert cruise and tour directors, get eight nights of land luxury accommodat­ion and Freedom of Choice inclusions in 12 locations.

APT Europe Product Manager Sarah Latimore said the tour includes the chance to learn about local festive traditions such as the making of Krampus masks in Austria or learning about festive cuisine in the Black Forest region.

On the river, APT’S 15-day Imperial Europe cruise encompasse­s 13 destinatio­ns including Vienna, Linz, and Nuremberg. The itinerary highlights Vienna for its Christmas markets which is set against the backdrop of City Hall. Stalls throughout the cobbleston­e lanes are bustling with seasonal treats such as fruit cake and gingerbrea­d, hot spiced wine and locally-made crafts and produce reflecting the Austrian culture. Venturing inside City Hall itself, there’s an area entirely dedicated to children, where they can learn to make Christmas cookies and candles.

As evening falls, guests are invited to celebrate with the family of Liechtenst­ein’s City Palace. Afterwards, the guests can take a seat at a special private concert, normally reserved for classics by Mozart and Strauss, during the festive season it’s all about Christmas classics performed by musicians and singers.

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