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Funny festivals Ketlewell Sca recrow Festival


Located in the Yorkshire Dales, the annual Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival is sure to provide amusement for all ages. Each year the residents of the quaint town of Kettlewell dress-up scraggly scarecrows to look like famous celebritie­s, sports stars, royalty, politician­s and many more.

Previous iterations of the festival have seen a croft in the village transforme­d into a ski run, a cricket pitch of scarecrows and a canoe course.

This year the festival will be held from 10 to 18 August and is celebratin­g its 25th year of scarecrow shenanigan­s.

As well as plenty of scarecrows around the town, there are also two themed trails that visitors can follow this year. A clue sheet will set you back £1 and challenges you to find the right scarecrow that matches the clue.

The first trail, designed for adult scarecrow admirers, challenges your memory with clues for characters and events that happened in 1994 (in honour of the 25th anniversar­y).

The second trail, designed for kids, is a recreation of the very first themed trail in the festival’s history, based on nursery rhymes.

Travellers that solve all the clues and find the correct scarecrows on the trail will be entered in the daily prize draw to win £10.

In addition to wandering the streets in search of that elusive character, the festival offers the chance for visitors to indulge in homemade cakes, soups and sandwiches at the village hall and stick your head in a photo board for a momento. Each year the money raised from the festival goes towards the local school, and upkeep of the village hall and church.

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