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over three years.

Last year, five weeks into leading the local office, Shuttlewoo­d reaffirmed TC’S commitment to the growth goal, but told travelbull­etin last month that the company had since made a “concerted effort” and focused on quality, not quantity.

“We’ve not shied away from addressing some of the legacy issues with TCS, where we had concerns around alignment around how they were operating and conducting their business, and we did this to ensure we are protecting the TC brand,” she said.

“We have a minimum sales threshold, so we implemente­d that to be more active,” Shuttlewoo­d explained, noting the company went through a three-month process with

TCS, “but some people were at a different time in their life”.

These five areas of focus and investment are expected to fuel global growth for the company, which is anticipati­ng its global Total Transactio­n Value (TTV) to reach $2b in the next five years.

The milestone would mark a sizeable increase, following on from a TTV of $1.1b last year.

Over the next 12 months, Byrne said he would be happy with “around 16% top line growth” and was expecting the business to achieve around $1.2-$1.3 billion next year. He noted the group was not currently looking to move into the New Zealand market, identifyin­g plenty of opportunit­y in Australia.

He said Travel Counsellor­s currently had a £40m ($73m) share of the local travel market, noting the whole market represente­d £38b ($69.5b) and the “managed travel” market, which required human-to-human contact, accounted for £10b ($18.3b).

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