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Webjet card innovation


Webjet has unveiled a new ‘Rezpayment­s’ platform, developed in-house to facilitate the Pci-compliant handling of credit cards between various parties in the payment chain. The system allows an industry supplier or intermedia­ry to easily implement a solution that captures the customer’s credit card data and directs it to Rezpayment­s where it is exchanged for a token, with the token stored in the user’s systems rather than the actual credit card informatio­n.

When the card is to be charged or used for other purposes such as fraud checking or to guarantee a car or hotel booking, the message is routed through Rezpayment­s and the token exchanged for the credit card number where it can be utilised as required. The customer’s credit card data never touches the client environmen­t, so users do not have to seek their own Attestatio­n of PCI Compliance. Rezpayment­s is now live in the Webjet online travel agency operation.

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