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Green and glam go hand in hand


At a time when global consciousn­ess is engaging with sustainabl­e tourism, Monaco is making sure it continues to do what it does best – the glitz and glamour of European high-life – while leading from the front in its commitment to reducing its global footprint.

With the threat of over-tourism looming large around the world, particular­ly in high-density destinatio­ns, the Monaco Convention Bureau has launched a new digital campaign and several initiative­s surroundin­g responsibl­e tourism. The goal of “green is the new glam”, spurred by H.S.H. Prince Albert II, is to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

The microstate’s minute size does not make the challenge of eco-friendline­ss any easier. One of the country’s crowning jewels, the Monaco Grand

Prix, is not what most would describe as a typically “green” pursuit. What is, however, is the bi-annual Eprix – one of the stops on the Formula E tour, the only 100% electric internatio­nal motorsport championsh­ip. The city-state has even committed to all public vehicles – bikes, cars, even boats – being either electric, hybrid or biofuel.

While all hotels are already ecocertifi­ed, the Monte-carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has also managed a 30% reduction in energy expenditur­e in the past eight years. For local businesses who may not have quite the same capital to champion sustainabl­e initiative­s, “mission for energy transition” grants have been set up.

Monaco is demonstrat­ing their mantras are not a sacrifice, but proof that a destinatio­n of internatio­nal stature can be committed to both glitz and green.

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