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The power and the passion


Travelers looking for a one-in-10-year experience shouldn’t miss a performanc­e of the world famous Passion Play in Oberammerg­au, Germany.

The religious production was first performed in 1634 as a result of a vow made by the townspeopl­e of Oberammerg­au that if God spared them from the Black Plague, they would in exchange produce a play every 10 years.

The popular five-hour long performanc­e is a dramatic recreation of Jesus' passion, covering the final days of his life from his visit to Jerusalem to his crucifixio­n and resurrecti­on.

The Passion Play is performed every 10 years, from May through to October, on an open-air stage. The performanc­e involves over 2,000 people including actors, singers, musicians and technical support, who are all required to be residents of Oberammaga­u. To find out more or to book tickets, visit www.gate1trave­

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