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Serenity knocks in Korea


Travelers looking to find their inner peace or wanting to learn more about the Buddhist religion are being encouraged to try their hand at a traditiona­l Korean Templestay.

A group of seven sansa, or Buddhist mountain monasterie­s located around the Korean peninsula were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List last year, including Tongdosa, Buseoka, Bongjeongs­a, Beopjusa, Magoksa, Seonamsa, and Daeheungsa. A number of these offer the templestay experience, which gives travellers an insight into a day and night in the life of a Buddhist monk.

The day begins with the early morning yebul (a Buddhist ceremony), followed by 108 bae (108 prostratio­ns), and a chamseon (Zen meditation) before going on to learn how to make Buddhist prayer beads.

Each temple offers a slightly different experience, with a focus on meditation, hiking or temple food.

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