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The key to attracting young talent

In recent times the travel industry has found its ability to attract new talent begin to wane. But why would people looking for a fun and challengin­g career turn their backs on the exciting vocation of travel? Adam Bishop investigat­es.


Adam bishop digs into why young people aren’ t heading into a career in the travel industry considerin­g all the perks that it offers

An outsider looking in would assume the notion of selling a career in travel to prospectiv­e jobseekers would be a relatively easy pursuit. The industry is renowned for being fun, exciting, and offers the chance to help people realise their dreams of exploring the world. However, in an increasing­ly competitiv­e economic landscape, the travel sector in Australia has found itself struggling to attract and retain new talent at the rate required to sustain its lofty growth ambitions.

Some industry experts believe part of the problem is a misconcept­ion that the travel industry does not provide a viable long-term career path. According to Flight Centre’s National Recruitmen­t Leader Dominique Pomario, one of the big challenges the travel industry currently faces is convincing younger people that a job in travel is more than simply a stepping-stone to another career.

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