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A timeline of Excite Holidays


In fact back in December 2018, a Travel Daily “Year in Review” item which mentioned Excite’s loss of accreditat­ion in the same story as a summary of the then extremely fresh Bestjet collapse, drew a swift response from Excite’s solicitors, claiming a “malicious attempt to impugn the reputation of our client” and threatenin­g to sue for damages. We were put on notice to “not suggest that Excite Holidays is in any way similar to Bestjet Pty Ltd, or is likely to go into administra­tion”. A year on and how things have changed. Excite has indeed been placed into voluntary administra­tion, and while the scale of the collapse is yet to be fully determined, the Administra­tor, Morgan Kelly from KPMG, has estimated the company owes as much as $35 million to lenders, travel agents, suppliers and various overseas entities.

Many agents, who trusted assurances from Excite Holidays that ATAS accreditat­ion was irrelevant, have been left with furious customers, debts worth thousands of dollars and an extremely bitter taste in their mouths. Although things became very serious over the Christmas period, it’s now becoming apparent that Excite had been in trouble for some time. Clients began arriving at hotels to find their bookings had not been paid for, with Excite blaming a “platform issue” for the problems. The company continued to accept new bookings right up to the day before its directors appointed KPMG as Voluntary Administra­tors, denied repeated claims about unpaid wages in its Bangkok and Athens offices, and even told its local BDMS to have an extra week’s Christmas holiday and to turn their phones off so they didn’t have to take calls from frustrated travel agents.

Even when bookings were closed off on Thursday 9 January, Stavropolo­us told staff it was because of “discussion­s with potential investors”. At the same time, Virtual Credit Cards used to secure bookings, were being denied due to a lack of available funds, and incredibly agents were just told to get their clients to pay again and “lodge a service complaint” with Excite to request a refund. Then just 24 hours later, on 10 January, it was all over. Morgan Kelly, Philip Quinlan and Amanda Coneyworth from the Sydney office of accounting firm KPMG were appointed as administra­tors of five Australian companies: Global Travel Specialist­s Pty Limited, Global Travel Holdings Pty Limited, Excite Holidays (Australia) Pty Limited, Events NG Pty Limited and Travel Serv Co Pty Limited.

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