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OOE to Begin Restruct uring


After months of cancelled cruises and repossesse­d and embargoed ships,

One Ocean Expedition­s (OOE) entered a restructur­ing process in early January, which allows its creditors, including inconvenie­nced passengers, to seek some form of compensati­on.

The Canadian cruise line has not operated any cruises in months and claims to have entered a partnershi­p with an unnamed operator to carry passengers on future voyages, but previous good Samaritan Hurtigrute­n rejected suggestion­s that it was stepping in.

The Russian Government withdrew its lease agreement with OOE to operate two of its ships in May last year, while RCGS Resolute is also currently impounded in Buenos Aires, after being detained several times in Canada over the past 12 months. Despite numerous cancellati­ons, the company continued to take bookings, offering “future cruise credits” rather than refunds, and some of OOE’S crew also claim they are owed significan­t amounts in unpaid wages. The company had its AFTA Chargeback Scheme coverage cancelled in November last year, and later that month, its membership to the Internatio­nal Associatio­n of Antarctica Tour Operators was effectivel­y cancelled.

The most recent note from the company, issued in January, insisted OOE was “in the process of restructur­ing its business to provide alternativ­e options for its valued customers and partners affected by the current financial position.

“As part of this restructur­e, OOE has entered into a strategic marketing partnershi­p with a highly regarded company with more than 120 years of cruise and expedition experience.

“Through this partnershi­p, OOE customers will be offered various options to continue their travel for a discounted price.”

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 ??  ?? One of the Russia ships previously leased to OOE, Akademik Sergey Vavilov ©Christof46
One of the Russia ships previously leased to OOE, Akademik Sergey Vavilov ©Christof46

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