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Tech­nol­ogy is mean­ing­less un­less it serves a pur­pose.

Hid­den tech­nol­ogy is the stuff that gen­er­ates speed, re­li­a­bil­ity, caching… unsexy stuff that gets me and the other geeks at Stuba ex­cited, but puts the board and agents to sleep. Stuff ev­ery­one needs that no one wants to talk about. At the other end is the stuff which de­liv­ers mean­ing­ful value to agents, re­sult­ing from feed­back and when we ask agents “what do you want” with the aim of find­ing out “what do you re­ally need?”. Two com­monly un­der­stated and mis­un­der­stood as­pects of tech­nol­ogy are time and clar­ity. Ev­ery­one wants more time. Or in other words, speed. But it’s mis­un­der­stood – wait­ing five sec­onds to get a price that lib­er­ates $10 more profit is a bet­ter rate than charged by Supreme Court judge. Wait­ing on hold for 45 min­utes is a killer. Clar­ity is re­mov­ing the noise from the in­for­ma­tion that agents re­ally want – such as our new “board type” fil­ter. As ex-MDs/now CIO I wear dif­fer­ent hats and get the chance to more di­rectly in­flu­ence what and how Stuba de­liv­ers to agents. So the ques­tion is – what do you need from Stuba? Mark Luckey, CIO, Stuba

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