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Ride the Korean Wave - ‘Hallyu’


The Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, describes the outflow of Korean culture to other countries. Cultural exports such as K-pop music, K-drama along with Korean food and pop culture have increased in popularity. Korean films have new audiences since South Korean movie, Parasite’s win for Best Picture at the 2020 Oscars, which was the first time a non-English language film had won the award. However most cannot forget (even if they wanted to) the viral music hit ‘Gangnam style’ a song that first brought K-pop to the masses.

Since then a ‘new wave’ of K-pop bands has risen to popularity such as Blackpink, BTS and EXO. When the borders open again for K-fans you can get your fix of culture whether it’s visiting your favourite K-drama studio or hanging with fans outside a K-pop singer’s recording studio, taking a K-movie tour or visiting one of the many restaurant­s and cafes that have acted as backdrops for album covers and photoshoot­s for the stars.

K-Star Road acts as the gateway to Gangnam, the heart of the K-pop industry in Seoul and features a series of K-pop statues devoted to South Korean music superstars.

Head to Starfield COEX Mall to dance to Psy’s 2012 song, ‘Gangnam style,’ under the Gangnam style statue located outside the mall’s east gate.

There are plenty of Hallyu tours in Seoul in order to really experience K-culture. Try Hallyu Star Makeup Classes, Hallyu K-Food Cooking Classes or a K-Musical Tour.

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