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we’ve trawled through the TD Window Seat archives to give you a blast from the past. Here’s some gems from 11 Sep 2014:

Hotel aggregator Wego has compiled a hilarious list of guests who provide just a tad too much detail in their submitted hotel reviews.

Along with data review firm TrustYou, comments by guests included appreciati­on at the separate bedroom, bathroom and lounge, but not having an in-room toaster was “horrible”.

Another guest asked a hotel to look into the matter of a nightclub across the road having “too many women”.

One guest had an encounter with the supernatur­al, saying her friend was touched on the leg by a “friendly” ghost, who promptly left when asked.

Another was told by hotel staff the hotel had a history of ghost sightings, leading him to watch a series of horror movies to put himself into a suggestibl­e state of mind, but “not even a teacup was thrown across the room”.

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