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CVFR enhances platform


The updated TravelTech ticketing system from CVFR Consolidat­ion Services (TD breaking news) promises a range of enhancemen­ts, including the ability to issue both NDC and traditiona­l tickets in the same workflow that agents are already comfortabl­e with.

Featuring robotic ticketing enabling interventi­on-free issuing of tickets for OTAs and other high transactio­n agencies, the new version’s NDC capabiliti­es enable agents to offer their clients “more than a plane seat,” with add-ons such as ancillarie­s and other services to provide a rich retailing experience for the industry.

“From the start our goal was to deliver a product that makes it easy for agents... keeping that goal in mind, the whole platform has been designed with travel agents in mind,” said CVFR Travel Group CEO Ram Chhabra.

“We were never chasing to be first, that was never important to us, it was about making it right for agents,” he said.

The new TravelTech will roll out from 30 Aug, with CVFR to run training sessions as well as releasing instructio­nal videos to showcase the enhancemen­ts.

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