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Frailties in domestic: TRA


a neW report tabled by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) has laid bare the challenges of making a full tourism recovery without internatio­nal tourists, revealing the disparate spending patterns with domestic travellers.

The document found that despite an uptake in domestic tourism during the COVID period, the average domestic overnight trip is less than four nights and average spend is under $700, in contrast to an average 18-night trip for internatio­nal tourists, whose spend is around $6,500.

Domestic trips are also concentrat­ed on weekends, with spikes in demand around long weekends and school holiday periods, whereas internatio­nal visitors are typically more evenly spread, and would provide more important support to tourism businesses - particular­ly during non-peak periods.

Looking forward, the report suggested the biggest challenges facing the introducti­on of quarantine-free travel included the logistics around air travel such as vaccine passports, vaccinatio­n rates, achieving herd immunity, and vaccine effectiven­ess against new variants of the virus.

Travel agents and tour operators were also listed among the most vulnerable business segments during the border closure.

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