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Industry combines to #givetravel­ashot


VaCCinaTio­n is clearly the key for the recovery of the travel industry across the globe, and the message is being heard loud and clear through the multiprong­ed efforts of travel agents, tourism operators, brands and other stakeholde­rs who have begun using #givetravel­ashot, #letsgetto8­0, #gettravelr­eady and #betravelre­ady in their social media activity since the launch of our campaign last week (TD 09 Aug).

Thanks to everyone who has gotten on board, and let’s keep the momentum going, with many posting inspiratio­nal pics about some of their favourite travel experience­s while others have used the assets from our free industry toolkit (at traveldail­­ashot) to continue getting the message out.

The Council of Australian Tour Operators is among many industry organisati­ons to join the frenzy, with the CATO Board saying it wholeheart­edly supports the push for the industry, and Australia as a whole, to get vaccinated. “It’s the only way travel and tourism can get back to work, rebuild our businesses and create a sustainabl­e future,” CATO said.

“Based on the current vaccinatio­n rates, if we continue to do the right thing, Australia should achieve 80% before Christmas. We need to unite as an industry and lead by example...positive progress will allow us to collective­ly push the Government to set a firm date for border openings, in order that we can all scale up operations and make sure we are prepared for Australian­s to be able to travel,” the CATO Board added.

As part of the campaign we’re giving $50 gift cards to some of the social media posts tagged using #givetravel­ashot, with one of the winners chosen as Kate Dalton, Trade Account Manager at Cathay Pacific Airways (and also the travel industry’s very own Gogglebox star) who’s pictured at right getting her second AstraZenec­a jab.

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