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a Battle royale of sorts has erupted on TripAdviso­r in the United Kingdom after the site was inundated with complaints about a new Buckingham Palace garden experience.

Promoted as representi­ng “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunit­y to picnic on the lawn”, visitors have flocked to vent their displeasur­e at not being given the royal treatment, with the thrust of grievances attacking the high price of £16.50 while having to endure long queues and the loaded looks of overzealou­s security guards.

“What I experience­d was first a long queue to security check and then seeing a piece of a lawn surrounded by standing stewards watching your every step and ropes segregatin­g the rest of the garden,” one visitor complained, while another took aim at the palace’s expensive tea, cake and prosecco, claiming they felt “robbed by the royals”.

Despite the flurry of recent negative reviews, the tour’s official website appears to advertise what is being delivered, which is to follow a route around the garden at your own pace and experience the beauty and calm of the walled oasis in central London.

Highlights are not exactly adrenaline-inducing, such as the chance to observe the Plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, but we’re not sure what extra bells and whistles visitors are expecting for this one - off to the Tower of London with them perhaps?

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