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PERHAPS the greenest form of travel ever is being offered on the streets of Glasgow, at least that’s what posters taped to lampposts in the city suggest.

Hop on, hop off piggyback tours are being heralded by the mysterious flyers as being more environmen­tally sound than taking the bus and certainly faster given the heavy traffic.

The posters also claim the piggyback tours always feature friendly and hygienic carriers who will come to you so you needn’t be forced to head to a designated city centre spot to await your human horse.

However despite many people on social media pondering the merits of the idea, it seems the offer for clean human transport is the work of an offbeat artist called Themisfort­uneteller, with the site offering visitors a healthy dose of “dark therapy” at a premium price.

Other services include personally scribed party messages for events that “deliver the sweet sting of truth to you and your guests, whatever the event, just give me a few minutes and, after consulting my crystal ball,

I’ll pen a personalis­ed dark prophecy and gift it to your guest, ready to frame.”

I think we will stick with the DJ and smoke machine at this stage thank you very much.

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