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Bring on mate of origin!


MANY of them may be in lockdown and enduring the biggest challenge of their respective careers, but nothing could stop personal travel managers from TravelMana­gers getting together online for some fiercely contested digital trivia fun and games.

The competitio­n, which is conducted via the Kahoot app, attracted 64 keen participan­ts in the first round, each with the dream of bringing glory to their home state thanks to a State of Origin-style format.

Recently holding the first round of the cognitive competitio­n (pictured), the event was organised by Noree Kahika who is TravelMana­gers’ Business Partnershi­p Manager for Northern New South Wales, Southern Queensland and the NT.

Kahika explained that many participan­ts had “high expectatio­ns” of victory this time around, especially with reigning champion Luke Vaughan temporaril­y in Toronto, Canada.

But little did agents know, Vaughan’s commitment to online quizzes is second to none.

“Luke wasn’t going to let a little thing like a fourteen-hour time difference stop him from notching up another victory,” Kahika laughed, adding that he logged on from Toronto at 2am local time and “put in another huge performanc­e”, scoring the maximum 30 points on behalf of his home state of Victoria.

“Although this year I am half a world away in Canada, nothing was going to stop me from helping to defend our Victorian crown,” Vaughan beamed.

“Our 2020 State of Origin trivia competitio­n was so much fun and a brilliant way to connect with my colleagues when we couldn’t catch up and celebrate as usual,” he added.

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