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Yacht still delayed


THE Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has announced that its inaugural ship, Evrima, has been delayed once again, this time to a planned launch date from Lisbon on 06 May 2022.

The vessel’s first sailing has been a long time coming, with the cruise arm of the famous hotel brand initially announcing its intentions in 2017 to hit the water for the first time toward the end of 2019 (TD 23 Jun 2017).

However, the brand has encountere­d numerous issues in the manufactur­e of the vessel, delaying the launch date multiple times citing issues at Spanish shipyard Hijos de J Barreas as the reason in 2019 (TD 03 Oct 2019).

More recently, the impact of COVID-19 restrictio­ns has been the cause, with the line stating it “remained excited” about Evrima’s launch next year.

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