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Oneworld carbon push


The oneworld Alliance, which includes Qantas as a member, has unveiled a new carbon roadmap which outlines how it will achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The airline alliance of 14 carriers first announced the target back in Sep 2020 (TD 17 Sep), with the new roadmap illustrati­ng various initiative­s needed to achieve the milestone, including fleet modernisat­ion, improvemen­ts in operation efficienci­es, advancing the use of sustainabl­e aviation fuels certified by ICAO-approved schemes, and carbon offsets.

Oneworld added that its new strategy document (view it HERE) will be updated progressiv­ely as its approach to reach a net zero emissions target by 2050 is improved over time.

“Even as we continue to navigate through the complexiti­es of the pandemic, outlining our ‘path to net zero emissions by 2050’, demonstrat­es that we remain steadfast with our responsibi­lity to care for the environmen­t and promote a sustainabl­e air transport,” oneworld Alliance Chairman Akbar Al Baker said.

In addition to releasing the roadmap, the alliance is also calling on government and industry stakeholde­rs to further support and partner in the decarbonis­ing of aviation.

“We need a strong commitment to improve airspace inefficien­cy, incentivis­e the commercial use of recognised sustainabl­e aviation fuels and accelerate the developmen­t of new propulsion and airframe technologi­es - now is the time for industry and government­s to work together towards our shared climate goals,” Al Baker added.

Qantas Group previously committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050 back in 2019 (TD 11 Nov 2019).

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