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huMAns are not the only ones affected by the travel shutdown, just take the monkeys in Bali who are used to feasting on the food handed to them by thousands of tourists each year.

As a result of the lack of visitors, and with them their tasty treats, Bali residents have reported a sharp increase in the number of monkey-led breakand-enters on the island.

Concerned villagers have now moved to appease the tribe of treat-deprived primates, taking fruit, peanuts and other food items to the Sangeh Monkey Forest in an attempt to head off a potential monkey invasion.

“We are afraid that the monkeys will turn wild and vicious,” one villager said.

The Sangeh Monkey Forest typically sees about 6,000 visitors a month, but internatio­nal travel restrictio­ns has seen that number drop to less than 500.

To donate and keep these cute monkeys and the sanctuary going, CLICK heRe.

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