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Lufthansa lifts experience


LUFTHANSA has improved its travel experience with a new innovative cabin (pictured), available now.

The first flight with the new Airspace cabin took off on Sat from Frankfurt to Fuertevent­ura, with passengers enjoying more seating comfort, almost 40% larger luggage compartmen­ts, and a modern lighting concept.

The new cabin will also be used by Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and Swiss Internatio­nal Air Lines, in addition to Lufthansa, which is the newest customer of the Airbus A320 family.

The new overhead bins can hold almost two-thirds more suitcases, and the cabin’s entrance area has been extensivel­y redesigned to appear brighter and friendlier.

The new “human-centric lighting”, a specially programmed and flexible lighting system, illuminate­s the cabin in warm red light, graduated intermedia­te tones, and cooler blue light.

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