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Tourism’s call to arms


a New report from the NRMA is calling for Australia to move toward a nationally consistent approach to help the tourism sector better respond to natural disasters in the future.

Among the report’s many recommenda­tions is for state and federal government­s to agree on standard emergency definition­s to avoid discord in response strategies around issues such as hot spots and border closures.

The document also calls on the NSW Government to expand the state’s Emergency Management Committee to include an additional “visitor economy” division, and also contends Service NSW should be tasked with working with tourism businesses to identify the best channels to communicat­e emergency support material.

The NRMA is also advocating for the creation of a Tourism Business Disaster Preparedne­ss

Kit, put together by both Resilience NSW and Destinatio­n NSW to ensure tourism operators are better equipped before crises caused by bushfires and pandemics arise.

The Tourism Restart Taskforce should also continue in some form indefinite­ly, the NRMA contends, to provide high-level emergency management advice on an ongoing basis.

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