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we’ve trawled through the TD Window Seat archives to give you a blast from the past. Here’s some gems from 10 Oct 2014:

a BritisH restaurant has just revealed what is being claimed as the world’s most expensive hamburger.

Available from Honky Tonk in Chelsea and costing a whopping £1,100 (AU$2,019), the so-called “Glamburger” is delicious to the last bite, with a 280g meat patty made with New Zealand venison and Kobe Wagyu beef.

In the centre of the meat is a “liquid pocket of black truffle brie,” while the flavour is complement­ed with a mango and champagne jus and a sprinkle of white truffle.

Seasoning includes smoked Himalayan salt and the bun is covered with gold leaf.

It clocks in at 2,618 calories - or about an adult man’s average daily dietary allowance.

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