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Largest SAF deal to date


UNITED Airlines has announced its intention to purchase 1.5 billion gallons of sustainabl­e aviation fuel (SAF) from cleantech company Alder Fuels - a move the airline claims is the largest publicly announced agreement of its kind in aviation history.

The acquisitio­n also surpasses its own previous record set in 2015 when it bought 900 million gallons of green fuel from Fulcrum BioEnergy.

UA’s CEO Scott Kirby said the latest deal represents a major step towards being truly sustainabl­e and avoiding a reliance on carbon offsets.

“UA has stayed focused on decarbonis­ing without relying on the use of traditiona­l carbon offsets,” he said.

“Part of that commitment means increasing SAF usage and availabili­ty since it’s the fastest way to reduce emissions across our fleet.

“However, to scale SAF as quickly as necessary, we need to look beyond existing solutions and invest in research and developmen­t for new pathways like the one Alder is developing,” Kirby added.

The US Department of Energy believes agricultur­al residues alone could provide enough biomass energy to generate more than 17b gallons of jet fuel and displace 75% of US aviation fuel.

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