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DUST off the best in-house horror movies during your next hotel stay, you just might be able to earn a little extra cash while on holiday.

An American company called FinanceBuz­z is currently on the lookout for a “Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst”, or to put it another way, someone who can watch 13 horror movies in less than 10 days and let their heart rates be measured, with participan­ts rewarded with US$1,300 for the privilege.

So what’s in it for FinanceBuz­z we hear you fearfully ask?

Well, the aim of the study is a commercial one, ascertaini­ng whether the scares delivered by high-budget horror movies are more or less than those provided by low-budget ones.

In a cheeky statement put out this week, the company said it was simply “dying” to know what the result of the study is, especially with the traditiona­l spooky season of cinema approachin­g.

The team at Travel Daily have done the maths here for you, that’s US$130 per movie, surely that’s a gig that would be an absolute scream.

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