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BCd adds pay platform


BCD Travel has announced the launch of a new BCD Pay system which promises to “transform travel and expense spend management,” with the platform built using artificial intelligen­ce, machine learning and open APIs to “simplify, digitise and automate corporate travel payment, reconcilia­tion and invoice management”.

The company cited a recent poll of clients finding more than 50% of customers still struggle with missing invoices, receipts, credit card reconcilia­tions and managing the quality of expense data.

Clients who subscribe to BCD Pay will utilise a so-called “Smart Payment rules engine” to simplify the management of payment policies and spending limits across various traveller segments.

“At BCD Travel, our vision is to remove the friction and pain points experience­d by travellers, travel managers and finance teams related to their travel and expense payment, invoices, reimbursem­ent and reconcilia­tion,” said BCD VP Digital Payment and Expense Products, Ajay Singh.

“BCD Pay eases the burden of travellers, who are looking for a simple process with no need to make payments or expense claims,” he said.

The company said BCD Pay provides seamless orchestrat­ion of payment, invoices and receipts during a trip, with an automated console allowing users to review, reconcile and audit T&E spend management, invoices, receipts, credit card and expense transactio­ns.

Pilot testing of the platform had shown a 75% improvemen­t in the cycle time of data ingestion, reconcilia­tion, reporting and data integratio­n across the fragmented ecosystem of various back office, ERP systems and credit card issuer platforms.


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