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WebBeds global restructur­e


WEBJET’S accommodat­ion wholesale business WebBeds has announced the consolidat­ion of all its multiple trade-facing brands under a single banner.

The move follows a review of the business initiated during the pandemic, which aims to simplify operations, reduce costs and position WebBeds for the future.

The existing trade booking websites under Destinatio­ns of the World, Fit Ruums, Lots of Hotels and Sunhotels will be rebadged as WebBeds, but still using existing login credential­s.

Technology developmen­ts in the near future will see platforms transition to Single Sign-On access.

Other changes have seen a global reorganisa­tion of the business into four regions, each with a leader reporting into

WebBeds CEO Daryl Lee.

New offices will open in Saudi Arabia to focus on emerging opportunit­ies in the region and further develop the Umrah Holidays Internatio­nal brand.

“Our underlying goals have not changed, but what we have been able to do is look at every aspect of our operation, review what we do well and what areas we could improve,” Lee said.

“The key driver has been simplifica­tion that drives efficienci­es and makes it easier to do business with us,” he added.

WebBeds has also created a new Global Product Group “ensuring a greater focus on stakeholde­r engagement to ensure it delivers product and services that best suit its supply and distributi­on partners’ needs”.

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