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IT’S great to see so many of our AFTA members continuing to reinforce with their local Members of Parliament the need for ongoing support for our sector. Right across the country, AFTA members are making the time and effort to re-engage with their local Federal Member of Parliament and, again, stress why ongoing support for our sector is so critical.

It’s critical in terms of keeping key local businesses open so they can keep employing local team members and retain that muchneeded expertise which is going to be even more important when we can travel again.

The news cycle is so very busy at the moment and we need to keep the pressure on.

AFTA is proud of the fact that we do have so many champions right across the political spectrum. With MP engagement happening across the country as members take up AFTA’s call to action on our National

Mobilisati­on Campaign, there are plenty of examples of really powerful and strategic local traction.

Just one example is the recent effort of our members in the Federal Electorate of Goldstein who, under the co-ordination of Steven Green, Olive Tree Travel with the assistance of Chris McGetrick, Bayview Trave andl Kieran Cromie, Brighton Travelworl­d, provided a powerful briefing of Tim Wilson as well as state MP James Newbury.

Parallel with our national mobilisati­on, we are thrilled with the overwhelmi­ngly positive member and new member engagement and enthusiasm. Not only are renewals up but AFTA has received 100 new applicatio­ns during the COVID-19 period.

We are so very grateful for your support.

We keep fighting on your behalf and we can’t wait for us all to get back to the business of travel sooner rather than later.

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