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Vaccine passport detailed


An industry briefing yesterday has unveiled key informatio­n about Federal Government plans to roll out new vaccinatio­n certificat­es which will be mandatory for internatio­nal travel out of Australia.

As previously reported, the system will involve QR codes based on Visible Digital Seal technology, (TD 04 Aug), which will be electronic­ally readable at airport e-passport gates.

Officials described Australia as a “first mover” with the technology, but more than 125 nations across the globe have also committed to using the system and Australia is currently assisting other countries with implementa­tion.

Personal QR codes will be accessed via a traveller’s MyGov account, where their vaccinatio­n status will be authentica­ted in real time and linked to their passport before the encrypted code is provided to the user.

The code can be printed as a paper back-up and also saved to smartphone­s for use in transit.

The update noted individual­s who hold dual citizenshi­p would be able to apply for a QR code for multiple passports, while other issues under active discussion internatio­nally include the global acceptance of specific vaccines.

The Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO), which is a member of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Consular Consultati­ve Group, was part of the briefing and detailed the update to its members, with officials also noting that travel to specific destinatio­ns will also require close attention to DFAT travel advisories.

“We understand travel insurers are actively preparing for a surge in demand,” CATO MD Brett Jardine said in the update.

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