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Time to jab global action


the next big challenge facing the travel sector is ensuring poorer nations have access to vaccines as soon as possible, Intrepid Group’s commercial chief Brett Mitchell believes.

Speaking with TD yesterday, Mitchell said it was incumbent on richer countries to get the entire global population vaccinated to both save lives and mitigate the risk of new variants that could potentiall­y derail travel.

“A lot of people don’t want to consider talking about a deadlier variant popping up which is why we think it’s critically important we’re all doing as much as we can to get everyone vaccinated globally,” Mitchell said.

“I don’t think any of us are safe until the majority of the world has been vaccinated, so we’ve partnered with UNICEF Australia to raise over $100,000 to get two billion doses into the arms of those less fortunate globally.”

Intrepid has also linked arms with the World Heath Organizati­on to work with different communitie­s around the world on the ground to educate them on the safety and efficacy of vaccines in the hope of speeding up the rollout of jabs.

Mitchell also believes the travel sector can play an important role in this global project.

“There are tour companies that have people on the ground in some of these low income countries and there are ways they can try and help to accelerate what we know, which is the need for global vaccine equality, because this virus does not recognise borders,” he said.

Find out more about how to donate to the cause here.

Closer to home, Mitchell has also called on the Federal Government to abolish the hotel quarantine model in exchange for a simpler, home-based isolation approach.

“It’s really good to see what South Australia and NSW are trialling and I’m confident those will be successful and that should show us that home quarantini­ng is safe,” he said.

“Whether it’s seven days or whether it’s home quarantine until you get a negative test before you are released back into the community, other countries have proven that type of model is an appropriat­e response.”

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