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Today’s Sustainabi­lity Matters is brought to you by Abercrombi­e & Kent

- Keith sproule, executive Director, Abercrombi­e & Kent Philanthro­py

AKP supporting its communitie­s during COVID

DESPITE the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Abercrombi­e & Kent Philanthro­py (AKP) has been able to pivot to deliver practical emergency relief on an internatio­nal scale.

When COVID hit, AKP was already uniquely positioned to deliver the type of resources its worldwide community partners needed. These isolated communitie­s are in places where A&K operates, and beyond, and AKP has worked with local officials in each to identify the top priorities (food, PPE, medical supplies, potable water).

Together with A&K staff and supporters, AKP has been able to reach 100,000+ community members since the pandemic hit: 12,200 more students in Kenya and Tanzania have access to clean water through AKP’s Safe Water for Schools Initiative. 60 jobs worldwide generated through enterprise developmen­t initiative­s. Four containers of medical supplies and equipment sent to Cambodia, Uganda and Tanzania. 1,845 healthy babies born at AKP-supported medical facilities in Africa. Five schools constructe­d. 127 wells built in Cambodia and emergency relief provided to partner communitie­s in seven countries. 1,876 bikes shipped to AKP’s bike programmes in Africa and food and hygiene packages delivered to 4,360 families in resource-limited communitie­s worldwide.

A&K guests are invited to visit AKP’s worldwide projects when travel resumes.

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