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WHo says you need to travel to New York City to enjoy its famous subway system?

That’s certainly not the case for residents in the city of Mason Ohio at least, who need only dine at the Two Cities Pizza restaurant to experience The Big Apple’s train rides, that’s because it has bathroom facilities meticulous­ly designed to replicate NYC’s trains.

The restroom is fitted out with a subway platform, train car, station stops playing over the speaker, authentic subway handles above the sinks and even graffiti on the walls.

For its diligent efforts, the owners recently won a coveted spot in the America’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame (yes, it bizarrely has a Hall of Fame).

But that’s not all this pizza joint has to offer, with yellow taxis surroundin­g the building, steel girders lining the ceiling, and Chicago’s Wrigley Field is even paid tribute to with an ivy wall and 400-foot marker.

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