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Rex suspends to 31 Oct


REX Airlines has this morning announced a further extension of its domestic services from 10 Oct to 31 Oct, with the carrier citing the current rate of infection coupled with state border restrictio­ns and lockdowns for motivating the decision.

Rex said it was left with “no other option” than to push its domestic resumption date to the end of next month, as it needs an appropriat­e lead-in time for advanced ticket sales.

The decision will also prolong the time its staff are furloughed until 31 Oct, however, the airline did note the relaunch date would coincide with the day that all of its customer-facing staff will be fully vaccinated, a health policy Rex announced only last week (TD 20 Sep).

Although the resumption date will see major domestic routes suspended, a limited number of regional flights will remain in place, Rex also confirmed.

“[The new resumption date] will ensure a safer environmen­t for all travel on Rex’s network, getting vaccinated is the greatest defence against COVID-19 and key to the lifting of restrictio­ns, lockdowns and border closures,” the airline said in a statement.

Rex will have its staff fully jabbed before Qantas and VA, who have set a deadline of 15 Nov for mandatory vaccinatio­n.

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