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THOSE planning that next big trip to Rome are probably already salivating over the prospect of chowing down on fresh pasta & gelato before checking out major tourist draw cards like The Colosseum, but be warned that you may not be the only one in pig heaven.

The city has recently been invaded by a pack of wild boars (pictured) which have been spotted wandering the Italian city’s streets and rummaging through garbage bins.

Although Rome is no stranger to the odd wild boar sighting, the larger numbers have infuriated residents who have made it a major election topic in the current race for Mayor.

The brazen band of hogs last week took to mingling among parents as they waited to collect their children from a school in the Monte Mario district, and in May several pigs robbed a woman of her shopping in a supermarke­t car park, ferociousl­y consuming its contents minutes later.

While the boars have become an inconvenie­nce for locals, Twitter users have joked that wild boar lanes should be created instead of cycle lanes.

What a pigheaded idea.

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