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BAKERS of the world rejoice, there is now no reason to put your travel plans on hold thanks to a new hotel that promises to baby-sit your sourdough bread.

However there is one catch, the hotel is located near Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

Stockholm bakery RC Chocolat owner Charlotta Soor recently opened a 24/7 sourdough hotel at one of her storefront­s, pledging to look after travellers’ sourdough creations while they head off and explore the world.

Although most bakers will tell you crafting the perfect sourdough loaf isn’t exactly rocket science, they do need to be nurtured with small amounts of water and flour every day.

“It needs to be fed and taken care of on a regular basis, so we’re the perfect solution if you want to keep your sourdough alive and travel at the same time,” Soor said.

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