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Sabra opens door on bright future


YESTERDAY marked an exciting new step in the future of Sabra Travel, with the Bondi-based travel agency opening up its office for the first time in many months.

Speaking with Travel Daily earlier today, the company’s Director Barbara Gross said her business was fortunate in that it was in a healthy financial position prior to the travel shutdown, enabling the agency to withstand the worst of the hiatus.

“We were so lucky that we have been conservati­ve in the way we’ve run the business and we have never drained it so we managed to survive, and in fact when JobKeeper stopped in Apr, I was able to bring all of my staff back and pay them for three months,” Gross explains.

But when the wider lockdown hit Sydney later in the year, it meant standing all staff down and moving into hibernatio­n mode.

Opening up the doors to the business this week with her daughter Lauren (pictured), Gross said a core team of four will be on deck to cater for the strong travel rebound expected over the coming months, with Sabra Travel likely to recruit to keep pace with the demand already noted.

“Slowly we will look for staff and we will have to because we are so, so busy,” Gross said.

Reflecting on the future of travel, the agency’s Director is also optimistic about what lays ahead, fuelled by the camaraderi­e of the travel sector.

“To all of those people who hung in there, well done, we are a strong community and during COVID it has shown what a supportive community we have been...we have travel agent Facebook pages, women in travel pages, people have asked questions and nobody has been shy to help other people,” Gross enthused.

Sabra Travel is a Club Med Boutique office, Virtuoso travel dealer, and also specialise­s in cruise trips, corporate travel and groups and incentives.

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