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It’s hard to believe we’re just eight weeks from Christmas and how wonderful to see those borders continuing to re-open.

The ongoing implementa­tion of the National Cabinet’s agreed Roadmap to Reopening is a great relief, as is the resumption of internatio­nal travel without hotel quarantine for fully vaccinated Australian­s and their immediate families, but this must also apply to anyone who is fully vaccinated. There is no difference in the medical risk of a fully vaccinated Australian and someone else who is fully vaccinated but carrying a non-Australian passport.

To make it economic, we also need the capacity caps on airline seats to end and we need the cruise sector to be supported back into full throttle as soon as possible.

There is a long-term economic lag even once internatio­nal travel normalises. The runway to recovery for Australia’s travel sector is a long one. Australia’s travel agents and businesses have been in hard lockdown for more than 600 days and until airlines and cruise capacity return to normal levels with internatio­nal tourists allowed in, which won’t be until at least the second quarter of 2022, we will continue to be in lockdown. We need ongoing Government help so we can keep providing travelling Australian­s with the expert support they need.

Our new CEO Dean Long will tomorrow brief our members for the first time on AFTA’s immediate priorities as well as how the strategy and direction for AFTA will be set.

AFTA members can register to attend HERE.

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